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  1. U

    Underweight show rabbits!

    Hi I have a few show rabbits that are under weight and they will be going to a how in a little over one week! What is a good way to put weight on rabbit fast??? Is it ok to switch from rabbit pellets to straight Alfalfa pellets to put some weight on? Thanks
  2. Bumble Bunny

    How did you get into shows?

    Hi there! I've always wanted to take part in rabbit shows, but I've never had the means or info on how to get my foot in the door. I know the obvious info, such as needing a pedigree rabbit and such, but I'm more so curious on how one would go about entering show life? I'd rather hear it from...
  3. Zoe Franchino

    Need help with my show bunny

    Hi all! So about two months ago I picked up a bunny that I plan to use for 4H. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck, and has been shown before and done really really well in his classes. Tonight, for the first time ever, I picked him up and attempted to pose him. It didn’t go very well. He...
  4. smokepearl

    Is a broken tooth a permanent dq?

    My rabbit recently broke one of his top teeth off, I have no idea how but it’s growing back and he’s eating/pooping fine. But, once it grows back completely will he still be dq’ed from shows? Will you always be able to tell he had a broken tooth at one point?
  5. Zoe Franchino

    Thoughts on my Netherland Dwarf’s conformation?

    2 year old black otter Netherland Dwarf buck Couldn’t exactly get him posed as we’re still working on him allowing me to touch him Hopefully this picture will be okay anyway
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