shaking ear

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  1. L

    Netherland Dwarf Shaking

    Hey everyone, I've got 2 netherland dwarf rabbits one is over a year old (Grey) and the other is less than 6 months old (Harlequin) Our grey rabbit was shy at first but has opened up into the most amazing rabbit you could ask for, Our newear addition is adorable and sweet will now come to you...
  2. Maggie123

    White thing in ear (what is it?) Holland lop scratching and shaking head

    I have a 6 year old holland lop/lion head bunny and I noticed he was scratching his right ear and shaking his head a lot today. I looked inside his ear and saw this little white thing. This white thing wasn’t in his other ear. Is this something serious and would it be causing him to scratch at...