second rabbit

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  1. T

    Second bunny

    Hello guys, I got a bunny almost three weeks ago, and we’re thinking of getting her a sister so she can have fun with. Is that okay?is it better to get a second bunny now?or should I wait longer?or is it better not to get a new one at all?I don’t want her to get lonely or bored that’s why I...
  2. AmandaCat

    Should I get a second rabbit?

    I have a two-year-old mini lop, Louie, who I’ve had since he was 10 weeks. He lives a nice little life with a decent size cage and running around my room when I’m there, and he loves getting pets and treats. He flops all the time, so he seems pretty content to me. He’s really easy going; I’ve...
  3. M

    When to get a second rabbit

    Hi Rabbit friends, my 11 weeks old mini lop is my very first rabbit and I want to do everything right. I hope you can give me some tips and advice on getting a male mini lop friend for him! When I got him the breeder told me if I want to get a second rabbit I should get one before he is 12 weeks...