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  1. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching litter tray

    For the past week or so my male rabbits has been constantly scratching in the littler box, and it emptying it out onto my floor they have loads of toys and boxes to chew and scratch Everytime he does it I try scatter treats on the floor or remove him from the tray but he just keeps going back...
  2. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Chew and scratching spray

    My male rabbit has recently started scratching at the corners of doors like he wants to get out the room, They have cardboard boxes and toys to chew and play with but doesn’t want them any home made sprays or shop brought spats that might help
  3. Rambobunny

    Help with ear scab/scratching

    I’ve had Rambo now for about a month now who we keep as a free roaming indoor bunny. I noticed he was scratching a lot and recently shaking his head. I took him to the vets two days ago and they checked his ears and took a skin sample but couldn’t find any mites and said his ears looked healthy...
  4. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys how can mites or any other insects get to the rabbit? because i don't have any other pets in my house and i never touch other pets. she went to 3 different vets four times in the past 3 weeks and also she got her fur trimmed two weeks ago. last vet visit was on Sunday and she was okay till...
  5. Niko Lee

    Bunny has nose injury from scratching

    Yesterday I noticed that my bunny's nose looked kind of crusty but when I looked at it closer, it seems she injured herself from scratching it. I cleaned up all of their play areas and their food/litter area as well just in case it could be because of bugs. Could it be because of fleas or mites...
  6. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Digging carpet

    Is there any way i can stop my rabbit from scratching/digging my carpet, he never used to do it but the past couple of months hes been digging near my door and ripped all my carpet up, I've put a couple of tiles were he does it and he just carries on scratching next to it, he has card board...
  7. hxkev

    Stressed and anxious

    I've had my bunny, Dante for almost 2 months now and I don' know what to do. First of all i have no idea if he likes me or not, he lets me pet him when he's laying down, other times he just hops away. He usually goes on the bed and tries to pee there and when I try to move him to the litter box...
  8. T

    My bunnys behaviour..

    Hey can anybody please give me some tips? I have a mini lop bunny, he's maybe a few months old now. I use to have a female minilop and she was the nicest bunny, was fine with her relatively small hutch as she got heaps of run around time. Always cuddly, playful and never ever bit or scratched...
  9. Briannamb310


    Hey all. Bear with me , I’m gonna try and explain this since I’m at a loss. I recently lost one of my rabbit friends. So I saw one for adoption at a pet store who was contracting through a shelter that has a high kill rate. I wanted him out of there and here where I could best care for him and...
  10. M

    My bunny keeps scratching my door when I’m inside my room.

    So I have a bunny and she likes to scratch underneath my door when I’m inside my room with my door closed. She keeps doing this and I assumed that she wants food or something, but I just recently gave her her greens, but she still wants to go inside my room. This happens day and night. She’s a...
  11. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching / Digging toys

    Has anyone got any ideas for any scratching / digging toys? My Rabbit keeps chewing and scratching at my carpet, then eventually sometimes pees on it! I've tried a card board box with shredded newspaper but he doesn't use it.
  12. Tinto

    What am I doing wrong?

    Is my bunny bored or lonely?? I cannot find out. I watched tons of videos on youtube about bonding and therefore I have been trying to sit inside the playing pen every morning and every evening, but sometimes my bunny boy ignores me, sometimes he gets nervous as if I was disturbing him. I don't...
  13. Maggie123

    White thing in ear (what is it?) Holland lop scratching and shaking head

    I have a 6 year old holland lop/lion head bunny and I noticed he was scratching his right ear and shaking his head a lot today. I looked inside his ear and saw this little white thing. This white thing wasn’t in his other ear. Is this something serious and would it be causing him to scratch at...