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  1. L

    PLEASE HELP - Ear infection in bunny

    Hi, My bunny Mimi just turned 5. She was diagnosed with a middle ear infection in her left ear and an outer ear infection in her right ear. I have been administering penicillin everyday for the past 3 months and she has not improved nor gotten worse, which I think is good. She has facial...
  2. D

    Scabies and continuous eye boogers

    Hey All... We recently adopted a 1 year old male bunny about 1.5months ago. We have a spayed doe at home, still living in separate area.. We got the male bunny neutered 2 weeks after... then later on we found him got scabies. Not really sure if he was infected in the farm before coming here...
  3. V

    Please help! Runny bunny eyes and vets are stumped

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a forum website and it’s a bit of a long description so apologies in advance but I’m really hoping I can’t be the only person with a bunny in this situation... We had a pair of bunnies for about 4 years, they live outdoors in a bunny shed with a...
  4. BlossomWitch

    Hair loss around eye

    I searched the forum for an answer so I’m sorry if this is a repeat question! My bun recently got sick and his eye was very runny, the meds are fully kicked in now and we have been working at cleaning all the gunk out but the fur is pulling out completely when we are pulling it apart (gently of...
  5. Andrei

    I need your help because I can't go to the vet

    I need your help because it is hard for me to transport my bunny to the vet. A few days ago my bunny started to have wet eyes. Her eyes don't seem to have an inflammation, but her fur around the eye is wet. I've added a few photos to see how she looks. Should I go to the vet? Or is this a...