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  1. I

    Revolution dosage

    Hi, I have two indoor bunnies, Obito (He's 1 year, weights about 1,5kg) and Rin (She's 10 weeks old, weights about 0,86kg) and I suspect that they might have fur mites. So I have the revolution for puppies and kittens (15mg/tube) and I plan on giving it to them, but after researching a bit I'm...
  2. A

    HELP ME PLEASE! Vaccines, revolution and penicillin

    Hi everyone! mum hoping someone can please help me. On Wednesday,my three bunnies went to the vet, and got their cylap vaccine. Yesterday (Thursday) I gave them all a dose of puppy and kitten revolution. when we went to the vet, one of my bunnies had red and slightly mucky ears (he’s a lop) so...
  3. Ani

    Ear mites.

    Hello so I was wondering what is the best way to treat ear mites? I've heard of revolution but alas I cant get that without a prescription. If anyone knows where I could buy it without a prescription that would be great or any other remedies that are effective and safe to treat ear mites in bunnies.
  4. D

    Should I still give Revolution even if vet isn't 100% sure of diagnosis?

    Our female mini rex, Brie, started with a little lump on the edge of her ear, and now she has lumps on her back rump area and on the other ear. We took her to the vet because we weren't sure if it had to do with molting or something else. Our rabbit savvy vet took some samples, but didn't see...