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  1. Morchall

    Rabbit Rescue Volunteering

    I haven't posted on this forum in two years. Had a lot happen since then. I became disabled and with that combined with the pandemic I have rarely left my house since then except to go to medical appointments/procedures. I recently heard that the nearby rabbit rescue had to take in something...
  2. A

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED Bunny Rehome Help

    Hi guys! I need some advice urgently. I have three buns, all desexed and bonded. 2 females (1yr 6months) and 1 male (2yrs). In my neighbourhood, there’s another mini lop that needs rehoming. The owner has four bunnies, two girls and the two boys, none of which desexed. She’s trying to get rid...
  3. M

    Help! Rescued Bunnies and I Need Help

    Hi all, I made an account here to post some babies that are in need of a home. Brace yourselves for the long story. Beginning of this year someone I know (in my husband's family) got 3 bunnies. I told my husband this was a terrible idea and they would be treated terribly and we'd end up...
  4. F

    My husband is ill, I have to down size. In Edmonton,Alberta

    I'm looking to rehome 5 rabbits. 2 bonded groups. These buns have been together for years. So I am NOT willing to separate the groups. Four of the five were picked up off the streets throughout the years. ( by me ) So I can only give approximate ages. The first group is Porta- spayed female...