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  1. M

    Help! Rescued Bunnies and I Need Help

    Hi all, I made an account here to post some babies that are in need of a home. Brace yourselves for the long story. Beginning of this year someone I know (in my husband's family) got 3 bunnies. I told my husband this was a terrible idea and they would be treated terribly and we'd end up...
  2. Rivka


    We have an adorable female mini-bunny called Thumper. She is eight months old and can be shy at first but is super loving. She is amazing with humans, and other animals. She loves to play, cuddle, and get massages. WE would love to keep her but my husband is allergic to her and we tried to do...
  3. Velveteen Lop

    3 Rescue Buns in Need of Home - North Florida

    Hello! I am a youth rabbit breeder, and on the occasion I have spare hutches that I am able to take in rabbits needing homes. I currently have 3 rabbits, one buck and two does. The first one we call Flicker. She looks like a broken black Mini Lop Holland lop mix. Her story is that she was...