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  1. L

    Rehoming male lionhead, Gainesville GA

    Over the past few months I've come to the decision to re-home one of my lionhead rabbits, Graham. It's been really difficult, but the situation he is in right now is not ideal and I would rather him be with someone who could give him a better life. He and his brother live in my room together but...
  2. N

    ASAP- HELP NEEDED- BELGIUM- Temporary or permanent home

    Hello everyone, I had been living in Belgium for 1.5 years. In March 2020, I came back to my home country to renew my work permit, which allows me to stay in Belgium. While traveling here, I had left my rabbit to my neighbor for two weeks. However, COVID-19 happened, and I could not turn back...
  3. hxkev


    I really don't want to do this but I feel like I have no choice but to rehome my 8 months old bunny boy (he was 7 months old when we got him). I want to find him a better home than what I could give him. I think I might have put too much pressure on him by forcing him to do certain things (which...
  4. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    Greetings! I come today with a need for advice. I recently adopted a bunny - Moppy, 11 months old now, Mini-Lop - who needed to desperately be rehomed from a craigslist ad. He is very sweet and I love him very much. This was about 3 months ago.Fast forward to about 1 month ago and my girlfriend...
  5. Shannon Watson

    6 Month Old Mini Rex Buck!!!

    I am very sad to be writing this post, but it has to be done. We are moving into an apartment due to sudden financial issues with my boyfriend and I. We are the parents of a six month old broken castor mini rex buck, and we are unable to take him with us. He has been handled daily and is very...
  6. allyxoxo

    Rehomed Bunnies

    Hello! So recently I had to rehome two of my baby bunnies in order to care for the other two babies, (they are very small for their age), and their mama who is still recovering from being sick. I had rehomed another one of my rabbits to the person who took in my babies and she keeps him inside...
  7. Faye HP

    Fighting rabbits - what to do?

    Hi all, So I wanted your opinions on what we should do about our rabbit situation. We have two male rabbits, both neutered, each about 15 months old. We were originally told that they were brothers but it’s not clear whether this is true. The bunnies were previously bonded until we went on...
  8. D

    Bonded-Pair of House-Rabbits Seek Caring Home (Raleigh/Durham, N.C. area)

    Thelma & Louise are a sweet bonded-pair of 2-year-old female (Lionhead x Holland Lop) house rabbits. They are life-long besties who have lived with a loving couple since 8-weeks old, but now the couple's new human baby demands all their attention, so Thelma and Louise are seeking a new indoor...
  9. F

    My husband is ill, I have to down size. In Edmonton,Alberta

    I'm looking to rehome 5 rabbits. 2 bonded groups. These buns have been together for years. So I am NOT willing to separate the groups. Four of the five were picked up off the streets throughout the years. ( by me ) So I can only give approximate ages. The first group is Porta- spayed female...