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  1. S

    "Neutered" bunny still has balls!

    So we have two gorgeous sibling dwarf bunnies called Misha (girl) and Meeko (boy). We adopted them from a rescue about 6 months ago and they are about 15 months old. They had both been neutered/spayed by the rescue when they were 4-5 months old... or so we thought! We had a bit of a surprise...
  2. S

    3rd Bunny Intro

    Hello everyone After a bit of advice. I had a bonded pair Suki and Milo. They are 1.5 years old and mini lops, both are neutered/spayed and been bonded for around 11 months. They got on like a house on fire and we decided to introduce a 3rd bunny Lupin. He is currently not neutered and around 6...
  3. Faye HP

    Fighting rabbits - what to do?

    Hi all, So I wanted your opinions on what we should do about our rabbit situation. We have two male rabbits, both neutered, each about 15 months old. We were originally told that they were brothers but it’s not clear whether this is true. The bunnies were previously bonded until we went on...
  4. Bogumiła

    Lost new 3 bunny owner :0/

    Do female rabbits get along with others before getting spayed? My 4 month old boy was neutered a month ago, but he’s still into humping :0/ my 2 month old unspayed girl. He started to hump her head, then she tried to hump his butt, she was squeaking lound when he tried to hump her, but...
  5. lunlow

    Re-Bonding Rabbit Help?!

    Hey! I have 2 fixed female rabbits at about 9 months old that I need to re-bond. They were put together by the pet shop at about 8 weeks old (a week before I got them myself) and they said there would be no problems with them. As a first bunny owner, trusting a well-known pet shop, I happily...