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  1. Jordi Cohen

    I want to know more about Holland Lop!

    Greetings! All the files attached below are photos of one of my pet bunnies named Dipper. I'm not a breeder myself and I do not intend to breed rabbits or participate in any rabbit shows at all, but I'm deeply curious over the qualities of my Holland Lop since I've watched plenty of YouTube...
  2. M

    Rabbit bottom biting!

    I got 2 female rabbits in October at 3 months old. They are from the same litter so they have been together since birth. They have always gotten along really well. I got them spayed 2 days ago and have noticed they are both bitting each other’s butts. I have seen them bite each other‘s butts a...
  3. Samah Al Maawali

    New bunnies !

    Hey everyone, I've recently received two bunnies as a gift , I've only had them for a week and I'm completely new to this! I'm not sure what to do and how to take care of them .. I've gotten them a cage , it was hard to get one where I'm from so I got the biggest one I found ( it's not as big...