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  1. Jackelope

    Leporidae Online Game

    Leporidae.org A free online multiplayer game that lets you raise your own rabbits and compete with others! Features include: Leporidae has all US recognized breeds plus more, making a total of 60+ breeds. Our art team spent 5 years adding them all, we did not cut corners. Leporidae...
  2. Margarida Correia

    Is my bunny truly a dwarf rabbit?

    Jasmim (my rabbit who I’ve just found out is actually a female) is about 2 months old (from what I was told) and weighs, at the moment, about 1.2 pounds (550g). When I adopted her, they told me she was a dwarf rabbit. My veterinarian couldn’t tell if it is true or not (I asked) and told me that...
  3. D

    Help! Litter training rabbit

    I got a rabbit for Christmas and I wanna hurry and litter train him so that he can run around outside of his cage. I recently learned that to help him learn I should put the litter box where he usually uses the bathroom at but... he usually poops by his food bowls and there’s not really a corner...
  4. J

    I can’t figure out my Bunnies breed

    Hi there! Yesterday I got a new bunny! She’s super sweet and her fur is incredibly soft, however I am having quite a bit of trouble figuring out her breed. I have it narrowed down to maybe being a Netherland Dwarf but I’m not quite sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. M

    Rabbit bottom biting!

    I got 2 female rabbits in October at 3 months old. They are from the same litter so they have been together since birth. They have always gotten along really well. I got them spayed 2 days ago and have noticed they are both bitting each other’s butts. I have seen them bite each other‘s butts a...
  6. Jessica08033

    Two girl bunnies getting along?

    Hello! I am new here. I have two girl bunnies named Molly and Daisy. Molly is four months old and she is fixed. Daisy is two months old and she is not fixed. Molly is a dwarf lop and Daisy is a mini lop. I just introduced the two girls about a week ago. I was so nervous because I heard that it...
  7. B

    My friend adopted a 5 week old rabbit help?

    My friend was waiting to get a rabbit from a neighbour who breeds rabbits, expecting to get one who was 8 weeks old, however, the breeder messed up and gave her a five-week-old rabbit. The breeder told her to keep it since she's already started to bond with it, the Rabbit seemed to have been...
  8. K

    Help! 5 days kits

    Momma doe had 3 kits one of them is an aggressive eater and looks healthier the other kit he eats for a bit and falls asleep i try putting hin on the doe nip and he won't look for it like at the start of eating but he doesn't have round belly like the sibling & idk if me putting the kits rear...
  9. M

    Poop in hair close to bottom.

    This is my first rabbit,and i noticed that the hair closed to the rabbits but are stuck together with poop.I have seen it poop and the poop is hard as it should be.My question is,should i let him clean himself or is there a way to clean him my self.
  10. L

    Bunny sneezes a lot but energetic

    For about a week now he keeps on sneezing. But he eats and drinks a lot. Poops and pees regularly. He’s energetic too. He runs to me when I get home. Probably expects his veggies. When he knows I’m about to refill his hay he circles around me or the bag. This morning he was zooming crazily...
  11. E

    Can I use a rabbit diaper? (bed peeing)

    Would it be consider it safe and hygienic if a rabbit was to wear a diaper for the duration of the night? Maybe 8 hours or so. She's an intact female, as she is still too young to be spayed (though I'm waiting and, dreaming of the day). I'm utterly sick of her peeing on my bed and will not put...
  12. C

    Rabbit is unwell, advice on why she’s ill?

    Hi, Chestnut is 6yrs +abit old, and she is ill. Last night she was not moving around the house, just staying in one place for ages and sitting by places she doesn’t usually go to. she was not eating and drinking much, her pee was dark yellow/ orange and she didn’t eat her fav treats like normal...
  13. Joanna

    Rabbit got Silica gel by accident

    My rabbits nibbled on a Silica gel bag that came with a timothy hay grass mat. My family and I freaked out for all of 5 minutes before I headed online and did some research. Apparently Silica gel is not harmful to us. It's made of sand! I never knew that. So my Question here is... Has Anyone...
  14. Bunny_Mommy

    I woke up this morning to find my 8 week old tiny bunny missing in my apartment

    Hello, I live by myself in an 800 sq apartment and I recently bought two 8 week old bunnies. I just built a hutch and keep them in my living room. There is a large one and a smaller one, and the tiny one is missing. Somehow, they opened the wire door of their hutch and got out. They are usually...
  15. M

    Baby cottontail, eyes not open yet.

    hello everyone. I am new to this forum and new to bunnies. My family and I went Apple picking the other day. We saw a small crowd surrounding something on the ground. It was a baby bunny and it was yelling like it was hurt. I think I heard one of the little kids say that he didn’t mean to step...
  16. Luciana Brasil

    Are the mites gone?

    hello! I have a hollandHloo that came home with mites. I treated her with ivermectin (paste form, in between her shoulder) waited 10 days, cleaning her cage everyday and litter box everyday. Then after 10 day re applied and did the same for the next 10 days. Now the little region that he had...
  17. L

    Peeing on the mattress :(

    Luigi is a neutered male lop (neutered for exactly one month now) and I know the hormones won't be completely gone until after 6-8 weeks post-neuter, but I'm at my wit's end. He is perfectly litter trained and knows exactly where to go (his cage) when he needs to use the toilet. These are...
  18. Jigzitta


    So first of all I got this handsome little boy off from Craigslist not too long after my Rosemary passed away, because I needed a new bunny to cuddle, and he was offered to me when I made a post about needing a new bunny for therapy. I know it can be dangerous getting pets from there, but he...
  19. Jigzitta

    What breed of rabbit is Junior?

    Could someone please help me and let me know? I just got him. He has really shiny black fur, almost like velvet.
  20. Jigzitta

    R.I.P. Rosemary, my baby girl..

    Well it took me a while to make this post. It's been nearly two weeks since she's passed now as I make this post. I mean after she passed I isolated myself and would barely even talk about her to anyone else except my fiance and a few select people online. I really cried badly, had a fit, and...