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  1. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Rabbit not himself

    My rabbit has always has one of his ears standing up since birth (2 years old) but for the past 4 days both of his ears are down to the side, and he just seems a bit sad, any ideas what I should do??
  2. D


    I really need help. Im sick of my rabbit being uncomfortable but, every single time i trim his nails, or get them trimmed he RIPS them out.. He's more uncomfortable when i trim his nails than when i leave his nails.. But they NEED to be done eventually.. Every time, no fail, he rips them out...
  3. Zoe Franchino

    Struggling With my Bunny?

    Hi everyone! So I haven’t had my bunny for too long, about three weeks. The first few days I had him home, I had him in his cage, just so he could get used to it and know that it’s the place where he’s fed. “Home-base”, if you will. After that, I let him out and he’s been free roaming in my room...
  4. Zoe Franchino

    Thoughts on my Netherland Dwarf’s conformation?

    2 year old black otter Netherland Dwarf buck Couldn’t exactly get him posed as we’re still working on him allowing me to touch him Hopefully this picture will be okay anyway
  5. Margarida Correia

    Is it safe to spay a rabbit before they become aggressive?

    My female rabbit is currently 3 months old. I've done research and found out that a female rabbit can be spayed at 4 months. I've also read that, when they reach that age, rabbits become aggressive and that that behavioral problem can be fixed by spaying. I have a few questions: - Do rabbits...
  6. D

    Bought Two White Color 45 Days Young Bunnie's - Plz Guide with Diet

    Hello, Keeping in my last incident, i have bought two bunnies, but here in India it's very difficult to get healthy bunny from pet store and they are the main culprit who are responsible for their health. They feed them carrot, ccumber and tomatoe as main food. I was shocked listening to it...
  7. K

    What breed is my rabbit

    Hello everyone, i am new to this website. I am wondering if you can help me figure put what breed my rabbit is! Even if you are not sure anything would be helpful. Thank you.
  8. T

    Spay and neuter

    I have a Male New Zealand rabbit and just recently got a Holland lop female. The previous owner which was a friend of mine told me she had gotten the Male neutered already but she didn't and I have seen the two of them humping each other and I can't afford to spay her or neuter him right now and...
  9. D

    What Points Should i Consider Now While buying Rabbit

    What Points Should i Consider Now While buying Rabbit, keeping in mind that my first pair of young rabbits just died in 4 days after i bought https://www.rabbitsonline.net/threads/my-rabbits-suddenly-died-one-after-another.93747/ Let me tell you, i am from India
  10. S

    Emergency. Rabbit peed a few drops of blood along with a flesh like thing

    My 8 - 9 months old female rabbit excreted a flesh like thing along with a few drops of blood. The flesh like thing is surrounded by semi solid blood like thing. The male rabbit has been in the heat and been doing her since last 2 days before this happened. He did it previously too like a month...
  11. CloverInTheField

    Bonding Rabbits

    Right now I have a 13 week old Lionhead rabbit. I have my eye on an 9 week old Lionhead to get my other bunny, Clover, a friend. Clover and I have bonded a lot but I’m considering getting another one for him since I am not always there with school and everything. Clover is very friendly to...
  12. Jackelope

    Warrenz (Wild Rabbit RPG)

    Warrenz.net Warrenz is an online, multiplayer RPG featuring wild rabbits. Play as a group of rabbits exploring outside your home, leveling up, and facing off against other rabbits and predators. Warrenz was recently launched. New features are being added. Characterization Each rabbit has...
  13. Jackelope

    Leporidae Online Game

    Leporidae.org A free online multiplayer game that lets you raise your own rabbits and compete with others! Features include: Leporidae has all US recognized breeds plus more, making a total of 60+ breeds. Our art team spent 5 years adding them all, we did not cut corners. Leporidae...
  14. Margarida Correia

    Is my bunny truly a dwarf rabbit?

    Jasmim (my rabbit who I’ve just found out is actually a female) is about 2 months old (from what I was told) and weighs, at the moment, about 1.2 pounds (550g). When I adopted her, they told me she was a dwarf rabbit. My veterinarian couldn’t tell if it is true or not (I asked) and told me that...
  15. D

    Help! Litter training rabbit

    I got a rabbit for Christmas and I wanna hurry and litter train him so that he can run around outside of his cage. I recently learned that to help him learn I should put the litter box where he usually uses the bathroom at but... he usually poops by his food bowls and there’s not really a corner...
  16. J

    I can’t figure out my Bunnies breed

    Hi there! Yesterday I got a new bunny! She’s super sweet and her fur is incredibly soft, however I am having quite a bit of trouble figuring out her breed. I have it narrowed down to maybe being a Netherland Dwarf but I’m not quite sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. M

    Rabbit bottom biting!

    I got 2 female rabbits in October at 3 months old. They are from the same litter so they have been together since birth. They have always gotten along really well. I got them spayed 2 days ago and have noticed they are both bitting each other’s butts. I have seen them bite each other‘s butts a...
  18. Jessica08033

    Two girl bunnies getting along?

    Hello! I am new here. I have two girl bunnies named Molly and Daisy. Molly is four months old and she is fixed. Daisy is two months old and she is not fixed. Molly is a dwarf lop and Daisy is a mini lop. I just introduced the two girls about a week ago. I was so nervous because I heard that it...
  19. B

    My friend adopted a 5 week old rabbit help?

    My friend was waiting to get a rabbit from a neighbour who breeds rabbits, expecting to get one who was 8 weeks old, however, the breeder messed up and gave her a five-week-old rabbit. The breeder told her to keep it since she's already started to bond with it, the Rabbit seemed to have been...
  20. K

    Help! 5 days kits

    Momma doe had 3 kits one of them is an aggressive eater and looks healthier the other kit he eats for a bit and falls asleep i try putting hin on the doe nip and he won't look for it like at the start of eating but he doesn't have round belly like the sibling & idk if me putting the kits rear...