rabbit pregnancy

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  1. m4ddi3b

    Pregnancy Help Please!!

    Hi i was wondering if i could have some help with my bunnies :) Recently I got a new doe who is netherland dwarf around 6months to a year old. I also have a buck who is 2 ( either a lion lop or mini lop). Because neither are neutered or spayed I keep them apart at all times. I planned to get my...
  2. Jasminebunny

    My rabbit , is pregnant and it's day 34 and she hasn't had babies yet

    She's a 2 year old harlequin rabbit , fed on 1/4 cup of pellets a day to 1 cup of fresh leafy greens and occasional fruit as a treat , and unlimited hay everyday . About 34 days ago i let her out with my male rabbit cookie ( i don't really care if they breed or not ) . A week later , when i...