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  1. Shedua

    What Breed Could my Rabbit be?

    I've had little Mac here for about a year now. I've always wondered what kind of breed he has in him. He is the size of a dwarf rabbit, but he has the long fur around his face like a lionhead. He also has that black otter coloring. He is probably a mutt of some kind. Any ideas of what he could be?
  2. LillianD

    Rabbitry name!

    I’m super excited to start breeding show quality Rex Rabbits. But I need a name for my soon to be rabbitry. So here’s some fun facts about me to help you guys help me come up with a name! - I am an FFA president and in my local 4H - my favorite color is pink! -my bunnies are a rescue named...
  3. P

    Help identify the possible breed of my sweet rabbit

    Good afternoon fellow rabbit parents, A few months ago, we acquired this little girl from one of my husbands' colleagues. We re-named her Penny and took her to the vet recently. The vet could not identify the breed of rabbit she is, he said that she is a "common" rabbit and that she is very...