rabbit babies

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  1. T

    I need help deciding if these pellets are good for a 6-week-old rabbit.

  2. R

    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    Hey! So I took my bunny to the vet about a week and a half ago, suspecting she was pregnant. The vet said she is not although I was certain she was. Well, the past couple of days she’s been gathering so much hay in her mouth and making a little nest in the corner of her cage. Today she has been...
  3. Karaliene

    Potential Rabbitry Design Tips

    Hello! Anyone having seen my post in the Introductions section will be aware that I, one day, aim to be a breeder. I'd definitely like to breed Mini Lops as they're far and away my favourite breed, and it would be - at least to begin with - on a small scale. At present, all I have is a...