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  1. Lola56

    33 days pregnant, bleeding

    Hi I have a mini lop rabbit that is expecting her first litter. She was bred on the 26th April making her 33 days pregnant. She didn’t build nest but last night (day 32) when I went to check on her at 2:30am she was pulling out some fur. She had the fur scattered but I placed it in the nest box...
  2. F

    My rabbit is pregnant but i cant see babies????

    Can someone help please. My 3 year old rabbit got out her enclosure and with a male rabbit who also happens to be her biological brother on 2nd April in the evening its now the morning of 3rd May and no babies but she's made a big nest and I checked she has nipples ready to nurse. This would be...
  3. C

    Pregnant bunny not giving birth

    Hey guys so I’ve already made a lot of threads like this one but I have realized that my bunny had a false pregnancy then got pregnant right away after that. She is now actually pregnant I don’t know how many days she is! I know for a fact that she is pregnant because the babies are very very...
  4. C

    Bunny isn’t giving birth

    So my rabbit first bred February 28th but I don’t know if that’s really the day she got pregnant so honestly I don’t know when she’s due but her stomach is huge last week I could feel the baby kits I think but this week I’m not sure maybe I’m just not good at palpating. Her stomach is half firm...
  5. C

    Pregnant doe 36 days

    I believe my doe is 36 days because I know for a fact that the first time she was breaded was February 28. But i don’t know maybe she got pregnant after that because she still hasn’t given birth I see the kits moving around and kicking she’s huge she did a nest but no hair pulling and she’s...
  6. C

    Rabbit is 34 days pregnant and still nothing?

    About 1 months and a half ago I got a dwarf male rabbit he’s about 2-3 pounds and is 6-7 months. I also have a 15-20 pound female rabbit and she is around 10-11 months. About a month ago he got out of his enclosure and I believe they mated because there was loose fur everywhere and they were...
  7. MabelandDaisy

    Could she be pregnant ?? Very confused

    Hi new here ! I have recently rescued a Lop & a Dutch. Mabel (Lop) and Daisy (Dutch) are both meant to be females as I was told by the rescue centre but it seems Daisy could be a Dave. I’ve had them in my care for 12 days now and they have been a treat they seemed to be very close until day 10...
  8. L

    Will My Doe Miscarry?

    My REW doe is pregnant 24 days now. I found her out of her pen, which is 34 inches tall. I’ve seen our rabbits be able to jump out and they kind of have to climb it toward the end and then jump down. So I’m worried that she will miscarry because she hurt her babies possibly. Do you think she...
  9. D

    Normal pregnancy characteristics?

    I don’t know if I’m just getting impatient and excited for the babies to come but my doe is as far as I know pregnant I watched the buck cover her more than once in here breeding session. Now my first mistake was not documenting the actual date down! But from my memory In my head I was dead sure...
  10. Babunnies

    Pregnant bun?

    Hi! I have a 5 month old mini lop! She was at my sisters and my sister let my bunny in with hers for a split second literally a minute and saw the end of one mating session as she came back in the room 😭 what are the chances she’s pregnant? If she is she’s 3 weeks today! She hasn’t built a nest...
  11. E

    Is my bunny poorly?

    My mini lop female who is hopfully 1week pregnant is loosing hair on her front feet (well just one at the moment), the skin to me doesn't look sore or anything, do i need to worry about her? she is eating and drinking as normal and hasn't shown any other signs of anything bad, but i have never...
  12. 1

    Help! My rabbit gave birth to a dead baby, but the others haven’t come out. It has been almost 24 hours.

    My rabbit gave birth yesterday in the middle of the day to an oddly large stillborn baby, about twice the size I expected, but apart from that, normal looking. I gently removed it, and expected her to give birth to more (hopefully live ones) in the next few hours. I know there are more in there...
  13. Crazyclare

    New to pregnancy

    My rabbit may be pregnant im new to this if she is what can I use as a nesting box please and any advise regarding best foods she should be eating etc
  14. L

    Pregnant rabbit not nesting?

    Hi so I have a lionhead and I’ve bred her about a month ago, she’s due tomorrow. But the thing is she isn’t nesting? She’s been pooping in her nesting box, I’ve even palpated her and I can feel the blobs in there. Is it possible for her to nest right before she goes into labor? Any info will be...
  15. Emma Walker

    Labour signs

    hi again everyone, So princess faf still hasn’t had her litter. Because I didn’t see the mating I have no set idea on when she is due. I thought last night was the night, she was running around frantic to and from the nest box, panting heavily when laying down, and kept softly grunting whilst...
  16. Emma Walker

    First time mum

    hi everyone, My french angora doe is quite heavily pregnant - when she lays on her side you can see the babies kicking. I’ve got a couple of questions however and was hoping someone here could help me! How soon would you expect a rabbit to kindle if you can already see the babies kicking in...
  17. S

    Is my Doe Pregnant?

    i recently attempted to breed my 6 month old doe and my 5 month buck. ive seen him fall over multiple times, however im not sure if the deed was actually done. this was about 2-3 weeks ago here is what ive notices so far: shes been a lot nicer to me, usually very timid and mean though they...
  18. BunnyCrazy

    Lops and a Tot❤

    I have never done anything like this before so I'm pretty clueless. I think I'm mostly writing this to calm myself down because something super awesome should happen soon!!!! Ok, I'll start from the beginning. I am Clara and I have five rabbits (for now:) Three Holland Lops, Sandy, Patty and...
  19. Merina

    Pregnant or not?!

    I’m new to this forum thing. I’ve been a long time reader, but never posted one myself before. So if this is in the wrong area or anything, please forgive me. I recently bought a Lionhead. After purchase I was told she was bred and possibly pregnant. Today is day 30. I put in a nest box in her...
  20. B

    Rabbit may be in labor

    My rabbit, a female mini lop, is 27 days pregnant. I checked on her today and found that she was nesting, but there was blood in the cage. Does this mean that she is in labor? She’s not due for about 5 days and I want to make sure that she’s ok. Any help and answers are much appreciated, thank...