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  1. X

    First time pregnant rabbit - not sure if she's behaving as she should

    My rabbit recently got mated and its been about 30ish days from then, we thought she wasn't pregnant since she hasn't been nesting or acting unusual but she's been laying down more often and we've even seen something move around her stomach constantly and well she's either supposed to give birth...
  2. B

    HELP! My bunnie has not given birth yet!

    So I bought a French lop from a lady and she said she was pregnant when I bought her she said that the rabbit was due March 15. She has not had her kits yet she isent nesting or anything this will be the rabbits first time delivering kits any information is welcome thank you!
  3. S

    Is my Doe Pregnant?

    i recently attempted to breed my 6 month old doe and my 5 month buck. ive seen him fall over multiple times, however im not sure if the deed was actually done. this was about 2-3 weeks ago here is what ive notices so far: shes been a lot nicer to me, usually very timid and mean though they...
  4. Spectacles

    Day 35 and still no babas should I be worried?

    hi my doe was due to have her first litter last Saturday, she was showing all the signs and had made a nest but pulled no hair, she was very unhappy about anyone touching her nest, that night it got very windy and her nest was destroyed but we gave her more hay and she re built it, it is now day...
  5. toptom

    Do Pregnant Rabbits Need Exercise Too?

    Do they need to jump, run, hop, and play too? Might it cause miscarriage to exercise?