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  1. courtney h

    Is this normal?? Rabbit spayed 5 days ago

    My rabbit, Millie, was spayed on September 29th so she is on day 6 post-op. The night she came home her incision looked really good (first attachment). I’ve been checking it twice a day as the vet recommended I do. Over the last 2 days it has begun to look more raised. The second image is of...
  2. Hartlea

    When can I let my Bun be more active after surgery?

    Hi, all! It’s been quite the 6 weeks with my bun. It all began with a Stasis scare, and it took him about 2 weeks to be 100% again. About a week and a half ago, I came home for lunch, and noticed that he wasn’t right again. Not eating, hunched up. I felt on his belly, and felt a little pea...