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  1. V

    Ate some plastic!!

    Hi everyone, Im a new bunny owner so i’m scared. She ate into a bag of treats and got thru a square of plastic to get inside it. Her poops have been small and she’s only eating the leaves of hay and knocking over her water. She is active though, constantly running and sniffing around. Should i...
  2. Floyd2019

    Ate a peice of an ancient "Caution, Hot" sticker.... ugh

    So my house is pretty bunny proof but my rabbit always finds something i had not noticed or deemed safe and uses it to cause me moments of great stress and anxiety. Today he went behind the old wood stove that I have desperately tried to bunny proof as best as i can (i can't block access). It...
  3. A

    bunny ate plastic !?

    normally I keep a MUCH better eye on Piggy ( 9 month old lion head mix), but while I was studying he somehow got hold of my grooming glove (that i JUST bought) and went to town. luckily, I noticed but he'd already eaten quite a bit as you can see in the photo (at least, i'm assuming do...