picky rabbit

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  1. M

    Picky 15 week old

    I got my bunny at a petstore (I have no shelters close to where I live) that sadly didn't really give their rabbits hay. Now she doesn't eat any hay at all. But I've been hesitant to take away pellets since she was underweight when I got her. I have tried: Rabbits salad sprinkled into her...
  2. Lilsakli

    Is this good hay?

    I bought standlee Timothy compressed hay bale (50 lb) for the first time; there were brown mixed in throughout as well as dust. It smelled musty too, not sweet. I have three rabbits, and they barely ate it. The quality is very different from the 10 lb Standlee Timothy I buy from Amazon. Can you...
  3. xbject


    I made a big mistake when I bought her, I never fed her hay. I bought her when she was a baby from a flea market and the breeder never said anything about hay, I also didn't do much research at the time. Trust me, I know now. She is 5 years old and honestly I have no clue how she's survived this...