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  1. K


    Hi i just got home and I check my bunnies poop every jight and this has never been seen before I have no idea if i’m making this post in the right area so i’m so sorry i’m frantic right now and so worried I found this in his poop and I cant figure out what bugs they are or what and if this is...
  2. G

    Rabbit tractors risky?!?!

    Do Rabbit tractors (in the lawn) increase possible exposure to walking mites/other parasites??? BTW it's in any territory to. Not fire ants but the normal black ones found on driveways. At my apartment I want to let my rabbit have sun light for vitamin D and get fresh grass & weeds. The grass is...
  3. Floyd2019

    Coccidia or Megacolon? Looking for info/opinions/advice

    Ok so still waiting on results from the fecal test i sent in for my bun a couple days ago. Not sure how long it'll be. I have been researching since then and have my suspicions about coccidia... i am going to post pics. His poop goes like this soft mush a lot and the last time it randomly turned...