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  1. Humphrey&Olive

    Is my bunny in pain?

    Hi everyone, my 18 month old rabbit Humphrey used to flop on his side all the time, or stretch out and just get comfortable. For the last few months he only ever sits in the loaf position, he is eating and pooping fine but I’m just worried. I know it sounds like a daft question but do they just...
  2. R

    Bunny makes pain noises while sleeping?

    Hello, I made this account immediately, and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread. But basically, my bunny has been making those loud painful sounds whenever he lays down. It does go away, but it'll come back. This has been happening since around Easter. He got an eye injury (we got drops for...
  3. Popcorn and Pancake

    Bunny grinding his teeth

    Popcorn is a six month old silver fox and he just started grinding his teeth today. It’s a sound I’ve never heard him make before, like a short clacking noise. He is eating and drinking normally and pooping like always. When I got home from work today I noticed that he had eaten a whole chunk...
  4. Hartlea

    Slight pain still after surgery?

    Hi! My rabbit had hernia surgery one week ago today. He has an amazing appetite, and wants to play. However, yesterday I tried to go 100% without any pain meds..and I feel that he was still kind of sore. So, I went ahead and gave him some more metacam (not a full dose though). I’m worried about...
  5. Floyd2019


    Hi Floyd just learned how to brave the stairs literally YESTERDAY and this morning when i let him out he immediately whizzed up them all excited. I was like awe that's so cute and followed him up. I have 2 fights of stairs so he went back down 1 flight and was checking out my shoe rack. I...
  6. B

    Pain relief for baby bunny.

    I have 2 baby bunny's who are approx 6 weeks old and still bottle feeding. Last night when I went to feed them I found they had gotten into a fight and ones leg was badly bitten. I've cleaned and wrapped her leg. I know asprin is out due to it can cause thinning of blood, could I give her baby...
  7. C

    Bunny won't eat and lethargic

    Hello, my 2yo bun, Khaleesi, is a dwarf lionhead. She's very sick and I've taken her to the vet on Friday, the 20th with only very little improvement. I noticed she wasn't eating and when I picked her up she was just sitting in her urine- it was a darker brown shade. I went to give her a haircut...
  8. Reemy

    Whats wrong with his legs?

    I have been noticing a problem with my bunny since almost a month ago. At first he started to get bald in some spots and was itching himself alot and the bald spots were dry and had what looked almost like dandruff. I booked him an appoimntemt in the vet and was supposed to take him after I...