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  1. Bengisudeveci

    Not eating :(

    My rabbit doesnt want to eat anything at the moment.not even his favourites apple or alfalfa hay.he doesnt try to eat at all. He did eat lots of parsley in the mornin. Would this cause a problem? I am very scared. He has pooped one hour ago. Poop shape was normal but normally he will poop a lot...
  2. C

    Rabbit Not Eating

    Hello anyone reading this, I’m new to the forum/group so hoping this goes smoothly. I adopted my rabbit Jinmi in January 2020, on her adoption papers they said she’s spayed and 2-3 years old with no other information. She was also alone in the cage. She’s free range from my bedroom, pet room...
  3. C

    My rabbit suddenly stopped eating hay

    I’m really concerned because my rabbit is not eating her hay like normal but she is eating other things like greens and a little bit of pallets but not that much. I already researched and I’m wondering if she doesn’t like the hay anymore or maybe it’s moldy but I’m really worried because she’s...