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  1. P

    Rabbit Charging Feet

    My boyfriend and I have a two year old male lop that we've had since he was 8 weeks old (Finn). He was neutered at 6 months. He's always been a very easy going bunny. Has never bitten, and very rarely thumps or grunts. He gets the run of the house while we are home. During work and at night, he...
  2. Shasta Smith

    Need help with nipping bunnies

    We have 2 six month old neutered bucks. They have their own room and we go in to spend time with them in the evenings. They know I will always bring them fresh veggies in the evening. They have starting nipping at my husbands clothes and getting his skin with it. Not sure if they are asking for...
  3. N

    Rabbit digging on me like it’s a sport

    So our rabbit is about 3 months old (just started hitting puberty) and he loves to dig specifically on me I can pick him up and set him in my lap (he doesn’t mind being held...most of the time) and after a few pets he will start digging in my shirt like crazy and stop and bit my shirt pull on it...
  4. D

    Bunny licking

    I got my 10 week old Netherland Dwarf rabbit 3 days ago and she's been eating, drinking, and using the restroom perfectly. But today I had her on my bed with me while I watched TV and she got to roam around, and she suddenly just started licking me. She licked my entire hand and would not let me...
  5. catsandwaffles

    Food-Motivated Nipping?

    Hi RabbitsOnline community! We are new here. Waffles came into our home this summer and we love him to bits, and he's a pretty content guy. I haven't been a bunny mom in a while (I had rabbits when I was younger), but fell right back into it. :) We also have 5 cats, each of whom were very...
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