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  1. D

    Suddenly try to attack & nip couple of times

    Hello We have two bonded bunnies, male (2y.o) & female (3y.o). They have been sweet together.. These days, the male bunny has been attacking us when we were trying to pet/check the other female bunny he bonds with... he's been so sweet before, only recently trying to attack us.. they are all...
  2. A


    Hi guys!! So at the moment I am trying to bond my three mini-lops; a male 1y 1m and two girls 7m. All are neutered. They are all outside rabbits. Our male we got first, we got him desexed at 6m and then bought a huge shed and run as we intended to adopt a girl bunny that was at our local rspca...
  3. T

    My bunnys behaviour..

    Hey can anybody please give me some tips? I have a mini lop bunny, he's maybe a few months old now. I use to have a female minilop and she was the nicest bunny, was fine with her relatively small hutch as she got heaps of run around time. Always cuddly, playful and never ever bit or scratched...
  4. Floyd2019

    Biting me when feeding time

    My bunny gets overly excited about food other than hay. Today when i brought out some dried dandelion i was trying to place some in his pen and he jumped up and bit my pinky finger. Not only bit but latched on as if my finger was food. Of course he ripped through the skin so it was bleeding...