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  1. Mochismommy

    How to get my new bunny to enjoy being pet?

    We got our bunny two weeks ago and he seems to be doing great apart from his relationship with us. He lives in an extra large dog crate with toys and a hidy home and he gets let out to roam 3x a day where he binkys, gets the zoomies and flops! But he hates being touched. We just lay or sit on...
  2. Haru the Lionhead

    bunny peeing alot

    My bunny doesn’t drink much water and she pees maybe 3 times a day give or take and its always yellowish. Today i saw someone say that they put parsley on the water bowl and her bunny drank alot, so i tried it and put some mint leaves and while she is trying to get it she drinks. She drank more...
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    hunched/hyper bunny?

    Guys my bunny was sitting in a hunched position behind the door for maybe 15-30 minutes and i got worried but after that she got up and started running around and jumping like she was not sick. Also she flicks her head to the side real quick while running and jumping, and she becomes super...
  4. Haru the Lionhead

    Do i need a vet

    Guys can a tiny white mucus on bunny’s nose be normal? like an allergic reaction to something? because she sneeze alot. Or does It have to be some kind of sickness? because she looks okay, she eats drinks plays and every thing. She had mucus on her eyes two days ago that I talked about on my...
  5. Haru the Lionhead

    best hay brand

    Hello guys, i wanted to buy hay today and in my country we don’t really have alot of brands to choose from. Is burgess excel hay and pellets good and safe? i have never tried it before. she is eating Gimbi hay and it is mostly yellow so i thought it would be better to try something other than that.
  6. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys yesterday I took my 4 months old bunny to the vet and he gave her a scabies vacation is that normal? He said that I should bring her to the vet to take it every 6 months When i got home my friend told me that bunnies don’t get vaccinated, and now I don’t know what to believe or what to do...
  7. Haru the Lionhead

    What do i feed my bunny

    Hello guys, i got a new bunny 5 days ago and they told me she is 10 months old. I gave her Timothy hay, lettuce, parsley, dill, coriander, Rocca, cucumber, apple, and orange. She eats well and her poop is fine. Today they called and said she is 4 months old!! Is that okay? can I still feed her...
  8. Haru the Lionhead

    New bunny owner

    Hello guys. I got a new bunny 4 days ago and she is my first. Everyday I learn something new about her. Three days ago a bought her hay and she started to sneeze so I thought that it was an allergic reaction from the hay so I tried my best to remove the dust before giving it to her. Today she...
  9. pimsybunny

    help! baby bunny bathroom habits!

    Hiiiii all :) My baby bunny is about two and a half months old, she adjusted really well to my boyfriend and I and loves her new home and environment. When I picked her up I she was on a pellet certain vegetable diet. Since then I've added spring mix to her diet some in the morning and...