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  1. C

    Out of my depth! Kit not getting enough milk

    Hi all, firstly I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread. But my doe gave birth to 2 babies 5 days ago, it was an accidental pregnancy and I'm very out of my depth and so unprepared. I've been checking in on them a couple times a day cause I am very anxious it feels like they're my own kids...
  2. B

    Newborns not taking food!

    I have two healthy baby bunnies i recently rescued, and they are feeding on formula. Currently, their eyes are still closed, but they have fur and im assuming they are a couple days old. This is their 4th day with us and they just suddenly stopped eating. They pick at the milk, but it is more...
  3. Rosy

    newborn baby bleeding? stuck! help pls!

    one of my newborn babies (about 17 hours old) has a sticky dark colored thing (blood?) on his bottom causing him to become stuck! he got fur and hay attached to him and now he is stuck to the blanket that i put into the nestbox! he is also a bit cold and i need to warm him up. how can i detach...
  4. gb1913

    5 day old w/ suspicious nasal discharge

    Wondering if anyone might have some experince with very young rabbits displaying with similar symptoms. My rabbit April had a surprise litter of two on the 29th of June. She's done everything perfectly so far as I can see. She has been extremely attentive, I've seen her pulling fresh fur each...
  5. V

    Dead kits

    So I've had 2 lionhead dwarfs for quite some time and i bred them twice, first time there were 5 kits, second time 8. I gifted the first 5 and the 8 are healthy and growing. But i recently bought a pair of lop dwarfs, and the day i bought them the guy who sold them to me bred her with his male...
  6. Bubbles4648

    Bloated newborn

    We had newborn bunnies 4 days ago and I noticed that two of the four bunnies were bloated on their stomach. Is this normal or should I go see a vet to have it checked out.
  7. M

    15 Day Old Bunnies (Feeding and Nest Questions)

    Hi there I am a new member and new bunny mom! I have recently adopted two bunnies one male named Beauford (Netherland Dwarf) and one female named Beatrice (Holland Lops)! The owners never notified me she was pregnant and I never really realized the signs she was showing until she gave birth...
  8. Nikkijones

    Injured baby! Help! Warning, graphic photo!

    So our rabbit gave birth last night/this morning. When I went and found the new babies 1 was lovely and healthy.. the other not so much. Looks like it's head may have been sliced open by mum's nail or something? Definitely the smaller of the two that were born. What should I do? Just leave it...
  9. A

    There's something wronf with my newborns...HELP!

    Hey everyone, I'm a new user. My bunny gave birth just after christmas to 4 babies. I've hand rearing them because the mom isn't caring for them. I already lost 2 and I think something is terribly wrong with one of the surviving ones. It's poop is white with some green, it's smelly and sticky. I...
  10. Gaby Gomez

    Baby Bunny Update

    A few people asked about my girl Thelma and her two kits! Here are some images of them. She has to beautiful babies, both born healthy and are growing so quickly! I have been doing my own research, but if anyone has any tips, advice, or experience with kits, let me know! They will be two weeks...
  11. A

    My bunny just had her first litter, what do I do?

    So my rabbit just gave birth last night to 4 kits. She made her nest in her litter box and has them in there. Should I move them into the nesting box? Or should I leave them be? Also what should I do as this was an accidental litter and I'm not sure what I should be worrid about and I want to...
  12. Pollyelly

    5 day old bunnies have dry skin

    hi! I noticed my babies have dry skin on their ears, head and on some their body. Is this normal for 6 day olds? I don’t see any red or irrigation. Thanks :) ❤️
  13. K

    Newborn not peeing/pooping after eating

    So long story short, I have 2 holland lops, kept in separate rooms, male got out and got female pregnant, I didn't know until I stepped on the nest (rip 4 bun buns- 1 was clearly lost before that). I have 1 still fighting. Now to my problem. I took baby and mommy to the vet yesterday and they...
  14. C

    Doe pushes newborn out of nest

    My mini-rex doe gave birth about 36 hours ago (early morning 3/25/2018) to three kits. She built a nest, pulled fur and seems to have interest in the babies. However, this morning, my housemate found her rolling a baby across the floor with her nose, toward where her pen is (she is a house...