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  1. KayKai

    New bunny mom here!

    Hi there, My name is Kay and my new 3 month old bunny name is Binx. I'm very new to the bunny business lol so I would love to have tips and advice please. One of my Main concerns since getting Binx is that he seems cold towards me and runs away everytime I try to pet him. I buy Binx toys and...
  2. MollyIsTall


    Hi! Nice to meet you all :) I'm molly, I own one bunny and I am a new bunny owner! Archie is about 6 months old and a full-bred holland lop! I joined here so I can connect with bunny owners and ask questions and get good responses without having to google it! Archie is my profile picture but he...
  3. D


    Hello! I have two rabbits and owned three others in the past. I have come across an issue which I will explain in a different in a different post 😅 I have an albino white Rex, Skylar. I've had her for a year and a half. She lived in a rescue for 6 years(since she was a month old). I also have a...
  4. Crazyclare

    New to pregnancy

    My rabbit may be pregnant im new to this if she is what can I use as a nesting box please and any advise regarding best foods she should be eating etc
  5. LucyTheBunny

    New here!

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I have 3 bunnies, 2 Silver Foxes and 1 holland lop. one of the Silver Foxes is our blue breeding buck Duke and the other is our black breeding doe Duchess. We are breeding them because they are a heritage breed (threatened) and we would like to conserve the amazing...
  6. Miffythebun

    Acting Odd

    Hey guys! So my bun travels around with me quite a bit (he has stayed between me and boyfriends houses at uni and back home and travels about once a month tops) he's always been okay with travelling (he flops in the car and eats and drinks through the journeys which are only 1-2 hours long)...
  7. Chloe Duwelius

    Bunny claw clipping?

    Hi! My bunny, Powder, is maybe a couple months old (I could get the exact age if needed) and I was wondering if I should clip her claws on my own or if I should bring her to the vet to have it done while she is young? Thanks!
  8. S


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...
  9. B

    Adoption or Breeder? Whats your bunnies story?

    Hi! I just got my first bunny Doris on Saturday and I LOOOOOVE her so much! she has brought so much into my home! So back in September one of my dogs passed away and that left me and my other dog in a bad place. I have had them both for 11+ years so my boy was grieving his partner. I found a...
  10. B


    I've recently gotten my lovelies from a local petstore (my country doesn't have any rabbit shelters so the only option was buy.) The petstore staff was lacking of useful and basic information. They couldn't provide me the ages of the buns either which really agigated me...