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  1. Myer_theeBun

    New member!

    Heya my name's Will and I'm new here! I'm 16 and own a 5 month old mutt rabbit. His name is Myer and I'm not sure of what he is, although I think he's a lop mix of some kind.
  2. A

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Hello All, I am a new member and I am excited to learn from all of you! I have had numerous rabbits in the past of different breeds and am planning to get back into the swing of things this spring. I will be welcoming a new trio to my little hobby farm. I plan to handle and care for them as...
  3. DartBunny

    New to this site! Meet my sweet bun!

    I have had my bunny for 1 year 7 months now. He is 1.9 years old, so he will be 2 years old soon. He is such a sweet bun. He loves to give my daughter and I kisses! He is playful, loves to zoomy, binky, knock down toy towers, jump on top of us, jump on/off the couch, hide behind the couch but...
  4. Morgan Mayon

    Hello from Morgan Mayon!

    Hi, this is Morgan Mayon New member of rabbitsonline. please welcome me..
  5. B

    Adoption or Breeder? Whats your bunnies story?

    Hi! I just got my first bunny Doris on Saturday and I LOOOOOVE her so much! she has brought so much into my home! So back in September one of my dogs passed away and that left me and my other dog in a bad place. I have had them both for 11+ years so my boy was grieving his partner. I found a...
  6. H

    Death of dominate female

    Until yesterday we had two happy female rabbits aged 3. Tragically we found our dominant female Belle had passed away suddenly over night. We’re all devastated but I’m really worried about Blue our remaining bunny as she was the submissive rabbit and although Belle was a bit of a meany sometimes...
  7. HollyA530

    Hello there!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here to this site as well as a new bunny owner. I'm finding a lot of good advice and tips here. My husband and I adopted Peanut (a 2 year old Holland Lop) 6 months ago. We love him very dearly, his personality very much matches my husband and I's. Peanut is a very...