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  1. M

    Senior rabbit with suspected neuro issues/ ear infection

    Our 7 year old bunny has basically stopped eating hay around late august. Our bunny-savvy vet filed his teeth early September and also neutered him - his back teeth were starting to develop spurs /sharp edges. After he woke up from GA, he seemed to slowly lost his ability to pick up food on his...
  2. B

    My rabbit has recently become paralyzed due to a neurological issue

    My rabbit is 7 years old and I’ve him for 5 years with no issues. 4 weeks ago he became paralyzed in his back legs overnight. The X-ray came back normal and I got sent home with pain medicine. I then went to a new vet and they told me it’s a neurological issue with his spine and his bladder can...
  3. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    Hello everyone, My rabbit Luna recently suffered a flystrike in our garden. I found him paralysed and his behind area was infected due to the maggots so we had to treat it. Now regarding the paralysis, he used to have Floppy Rabbit Syndrome, where he would go into shock (due to eating an entire...
  4. rabbitpeople

    Diagnosing/treating neurological symptoms? Has issues eating/drinking/moving

    EDIT: Updated avatar to a screenshot from a video of Chewy eating hay all on his own yesterday! My wife and I returned from a vacation on Sunday to find our 8 year old half-Satin half-English Spot in a strange position in his hutch. He was hunched almost into a ball and his front two legs were...