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  1. Moon&pumpkinCottontails

    my Rabbit is being cranky and won’t let me touch her belly

    Hi this is my first time posting things, not sure what to do or say, however, I have 1 buck about 4 months old and 1 doe who is 9 months old, they are both unneutered and get along really well, they don’t fight, and he doesn’t annoy her, we’ve only witnessed him trying to mount her a handful of...
  2. L

    Pregnant rabbit not nesting?

    Hi so I have a lionhead and I’ve bred her about a month ago, she’s due tomorrow. But the thing is she isn’t nesting? She’s been pooping in her nesting box, I’ve even palpated her and I can feel the blobs in there. Is it possible for her to nest right before she goes into labor? Any info will be...
  3. Emma Walker

    First time mum

    hi everyone, My french angora doe is quite heavily pregnant - when she lays on her side you can see the babies kicking. I’ve got a couple of questions however and was hoping someone here could help me! How soon would you expect a rabbit to kindle if you can already see the babies kicking in...
  4. Merina

    Pregnant or not?!

    I’m new to this forum thing. I’ve been a long time reader, but never posted one myself before. So if this is in the wrong area or anything, please forgive me. I recently bought a Lionhead. After purchase I was told she was bred and possibly pregnant. Today is day 30. I put in a nest box in her...
  5. Cookie-Truffles

    Litter of 7 born today....Need help & advise please

    We rehomed 2 rabbits 10 days ago. They are 11 month old miniature lops brother and sister and not neutered so our plan was to take them on and have them spayed and neutered and then gradually bond them. However we soon realised the doe was pregnant. I asked the woman who we got them from about...
  6. G

    Too much nesting?

    Good morning all! I've adopted a week ago a dwarf doe. I cought my rabbit nesting on Thursday morning. I removed her from outside cage indoors to keep an eye on her and make sure it's warm. Friday morning she build another nest, next to her nesting box. Saturday she moved the hay from the 2nest...