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  1. jadinee_.xo

    Weeping eye on my 8 month Lop

    Hi everyone, I have two boys and I’ve noticed that my brown lop Ronnie has got one eye that’s always watering. At first I thought it was because of the change in the weather but I’ve recently moved my bunnies hutch into the garage and I’ve put blankets in there cages also socks over their water...
  2. jadinee_.xo

    Missing hair on one of my boys.

    Hello everyone, I’m nee here and I’m in abit of a pickle with my two boys. I’ve noticed that one of the boys (Ronnie) has become a lot more dominate recently to the point where he is constantly on top of my other boy (Reggie) without any breaks. I’ve also noticed fur on their hutch floor which...
  3. P

    Twitching bunny help!

    Uh hello im new here and I just recently got a bunny- i don't know if she is sick or not ok but she seems to be twitching her head and when we let her run and play she gets excited but twitches a lot. Her stomach seems to be really bloated or big to say the least. Is this all normal im really...