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  1. Lois south

    Scab on back

    Guys I just found a scab on my indoor rabbits back. A week ago the vet said he has fleas and hes on a course of this ointment thing for it. His nails are also getting long and he would let me touch them so I'm taking him to have them done next week. I have no idea what could have caused the...
  2. Gelly

    Will my rabbit start hating me if I try to cut his nails?

    He's only about 15 weeks old and we've been bonding really well. He binkies a lot and seems to really like us. I'm afraid that if I attempt to hold him down and cut his nails, he'll see me as danger and it will thwart the bonding process. Any tips would be appreciated for new bunny nail cutters...
  3. RumpledFae

    Behavioral problem with bonded pair: nail biting!!

    Hi rabbit lovers! My name is Laura and I just joined this site. I have two bunnies: a 2.5 years old female lion head mix who has been with me for little over two years, and an approximately 3.5 years old male Dutch bunny who I adopted two almost three months ago. The two of them have bonded...
  4. Chloe Duwelius

    Bunny claw clipping?

    Hi! My bunny, Powder, is maybe a couple months old (I could get the exact age if needed) and I was wondering if I should clip her claws on my own or if I should bring her to the vet to have it done while she is young? Thanks!
  5. Bumble Bunny

    Trimming nails

    Looking for any advice on trimming a difficult bunnies nails. Any tips or tricks you have would be great to hear. Thanks!
  6. D


    I really need help. Im sick of my rabbit being uncomfortable but, every single time i trim his nails, or get them trimmed he RIPS them out.. He's more uncomfortable when i trim his nails than when i leave his nails.. But they NEED to be done eventually.. Every time, no fail, he rips them out...
  7. Tinto

    Some stupid questions...

    Sorry guys, I am sure many people asked and replied about this elsewhere but I have several doubts and questions about how to take care of my bunny. If you don't mind, I'd be glad to hear some advice... 1) Everybody says that bunnies need unlimited amount of hay all the time... BUT, what should...
  8. Reemy

    Whats wrong with his legs?

    I have been noticing a problem with my bunny since almost a month ago. At first he started to get bald in some spots and was itching himself alot and the bald spots were dry and had what looked almost like dandruff. I booked him an appoimntemt in the vet and was supposed to take him after I...