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    3 months sick

    Hi! My 6 year old rabbit has been having health issues for three months now. He started with a wheezing sound from his nose, I took him to his vet and he gave him some antibiotics. But there was no sign of him getting better. He then started sneezing all day long. Then the vet changed to other...
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    Sneezing not responding to treatment

    I was gifted a surprise rabbit in early june which had been bought cheap from a random lady by some friends. When I received her she was sneezing and had nasal discharge. I took her to the vet the next day and since then she has been on several different treatments: broad spectrum antibiotics...
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    8 week old holland lop // Mucus with soft stool

    Just a week ago we took home an 8 week old holland lop. She's very reclusive and remains in the hideout we put for her in her pen practically all the time except to come out and eat for a bit or if we try to play with her and get her to socialize. The breeder we bought her from told us not to...