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  1. allenstacy74

    Mounting (strange behaviour?)

    hi everyone, so I’ve got 2 bunnies, a male and female (both neutered) who have been bonded since early this year. They are great together and have never fought or anything. Although recently I’ve noticed some strange behaviour from my doe. Every time I go to feed my rabbits she seems to get...
  2. J

    My Arm is a Victim!

    Help! Watson is nearly 2 now. Our first ever He’s always preferred me (dad) in all ways but lately his mounting, of my left arm only, is getting aggressive. He used to try and I would fend him off. He’d get upset and spray a stinky, whitish fluid and then go to licking it up.(From what I...
  3. Mrs641

    Introducing a new rabbit

    I’ve had my rabbit Penny since Nov, and just today brought home my new bunny named Benjamin. I waited a while to put them together, everything was going good until he started to mount her. He was neutered 5 weeks ago (Penny has also been spayed), could this still be hormonal, or is this a...
  4. A

    Unwanted male behaviours, need help!

    Me and my partner have two mini-lop siblings, Dusty and Willow. A boy and girl, they’re about 9 months old now and they’ve both been altered. About 8-10 days ago he started mounting her again, every time she hops away from him, initially that or any food/noise etc would distract him and it...
  5. cosmoluna

    My bonded pair re-establish dominance every month?

    Hello again everyone! In the middle of January, I was able to successfully bond my fixed male and female rabbits (: They absolutely adore each other, and groom and cuddle each other constantly, but it seems that every month or so, my female bun will mount my male bunny to re establish her...
  6. JenniferWilcher20

    Bonding my female with a male

    Hello all, I adopted a boy NZW rabbit on December 15th. I let my female lionhead Nala pick him at a speed dating session we set up with our local shelter. I’ve been bonding them since and it’s coming along pretty well. My female is very accepting of him and does the majority of grooming. My...
  7. cosmoluna

    Trying to mount, turns into a tornado?

    Hi- so after 2 months of bonding through an X pen, I have been reintroducing my two fixed bunnies after my female was spayed. They went 24 hours together free roaming with no fighting, lots of grooming, cuddling, and binkying, but last night my female started trying to mount my male since she is...
  8. Tabi

    Bunny won't stop humping new baby bunny?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding my 5 year old mini lop cross. We recently had his bonded female Luna pass away, and he was absolutely distraught. He has been incredibly needy so we decided to adopt a new baby bunny. He's been licking her and sleeping with her, and she's been cuddling...
  9. S

    A bonding disaster?

    Hi there, I could do with some advice please. In July I rescued Olive and her long time husbun, and they were very happy (being very much rabbit rabbits, who didnt mind me but i couldnt touch them) until sadly her husbun was stolen nearly 4 weeks ago. Olive was traumatised, and started to...
  10. B

    Rabbits not humping in bonding

    Hi! I've been bonding my buns (male lop and female Netherlands) for a few months now. I started with them living next to each other, then neutral territory, switched toys and litter ect. They got on great straight away and have never fought. At most they get into tiny headbutt competitions for...
  11. T

    Bonded too soon? Asking for advice.

    Hi, everyone. I would like, if possible, get some advice with people who did bonding for 2 rabbits before. Story: My male bunny Foxy lost his partner Lumi - female bun about 7 weeks ago. After quarantine and revaccination just in case, we decided to find him a female bunny in a local...
  12. G

    Is my male still too hormonal to bond?

    I have a neutered male and spayed female, both done 6 weeks ago. It seems like her hormones have died down completely, but he is still honking at her and trying to mount her. Their bonding is going okay but it is taking longer than I expected, I'm wondering if I'm not doing it right? For the...