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  1. L

    Molting rabbit

    Hi! I’m new to owning a rabbit and this is the first time he’s moulted, so I just need some advice. My rabbit has quick thick fur and as he’s pulling it off he seems to be ingesting too much to the point where he can’t swallow but I can’t pull it all out of his mouth. I only realised when he...
  2. Katie94

    Do you brush your rabbits??

    Hello I noticed Derwin is moulting at the moment I can see the moult lines in his fur, I was wondering if I should try brushing him. He’s not a long hair breed when it is more of a necessity than a pleasure but does anyone else groom there rabbit and do they enjoy it? Thanks
  3. baobeithebuns

    has your bunny completely changed colour?

    meet totoro, he is a siamese sable lionhead buck! he is not mine, but i do follow him on instagram: @nimbus_and_totoro i am fascinated with bunnies changing colour.. i personally love the surprise! i have a lionhead and a holland lop, my lop is moulting and her fur is almost coming back a...
  4. baobeithebuns


    i’ve never seen these lines before... is it moulting? she is about 4 months old. how often should i brush her? she rarely lets me but today supringly she allowed me to brush her for 15 min with little struggle. so. much. dur.