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  1. T

    Newly bonded rabbits excessively humping

    Hi, mid august I adopted a beautiful new lion Holland cross to bond with my Holland lop. she had only just been fixed so I had to wait until 24th August before starting the bonding process but started the scent swapping etc during that time. Fast forward to last Saturday (11th September)...
  2. magicicada

    Bonding tips?

    Hello! I’m a new user and adopted my rabbits recently! My first bunny is Fargo, she’s under a year, spayed, dwarf lion head mix. I adopted her in October from a co-worker’s sister and she and I have really hit it off. About a month ago, I adopted an unaltered male (Californian I think? He was...
  3. Mrs641

    Bonding rabbits

    So I got a new rabbit a little over a week ago, I’ve done many bonding sessions with him and my previous bunny Penny, everything goes great when they are in a small space, I use a laundry basket. He has a pen set up that he goes into during the day (sleeps in his crate beside Penny in her...