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  1. C


    I adopted my rabbit in October and now it's March of 2022, this whole time I've been doing my best to litterbox train her but it's almost impossible. At the shelter they told me she was litterbox trained, she also came from a bad home so she was used to drinking her pee and they likely didn't...
  2. y2chloe

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    My male holland lop is about three years old and neutered who was once litter trained has begun to poop everywhere. I have three litter boxes set up in my bedroom where he is free range. I use newspaper in the bottom and fill the rest up with Timothy hay in two of the boxes. The third one has...
  3. hazelnutbunny

    Peeing on my bed! Help!

    Hi! I have a sweet little bunny named Merlot, he is one year old and neutered. He roams freely in the house. Since he arrived, he always had this special bond with my bed. He liked to rest and even sleep with me, which is alright. Then, he began peeing on my bed during the day, which made me...
  4. K

    Litter-training after a failed first day home...

    Hi everyone, I got my first bunny yesterday, a beautiful Netherland dwarf buck. He is 8 weeks old. I made the mistake of thinking he was already litter box-trained (that's what the breeder told me) so after two hours of settling in his new home, we let him out on the couch. He hopped around and...
  5. Tinto

    Another mistake!!

    First of all, a short update about my situation. Recently, my bonding with Tinto has been going quite well, he even lets me sleep almost until 6 a.m., making just occasionally smaller noises. He has been more or less calm without any aggressive behavior such as chewing on the bars. Every now and...
  6. Kristian

    Toilet training a second bunny

    Hi everyone, We are thinking about getting our existing bunny a friend. Our bunny is 100% litter trained. Has never had an accident, always goes in his tray. Will getting a second bunny change this? What is some advice for training a second bunny to use the litter every time? Thanks!