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  1. Bcwildex

    Help gendering baby rabbits?

    Hi! First time posting here and in need of help. My kits are 7 weeks old at the minute but I am struggling to determine their sex. They’re mini lop x lionhead mix so they’re v small. Here is a link to images of their parts: I’ve also attached the pics to this post —each pic has their names so...
  2. Ilylily

    Rehoming rabbit in Chicago, IL

    I have a lovely male lop lionheaded mix. I can’t keep him anymore because I’m starting to work again soon so I can’t provide them the love and attention they need. Comes with: Bunny Cage Food bowl Carrier Hay Rehoming fee applies but price negotiable Email for more pictures and any questions.
  3. E

    Predicting Lop Ears?

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a bunny (I raised rabbits growing up in 4-H for 6 years and have done lots of research over the past few months). I am hoping to get a rabbit with ears that will lop. Currently, I'm looking at purchasing the doe in the photos attached here (currently 4 weeks...
  4. H

    Is my 8-week old mix a carrier of the dwarf and/or lop genes?

    I was told in the pet store that he's a first-gen mix between a lionhead and a lop (whether this was a holland lop or a mini lop I'm unsure). He's a bit over 8 weeks old and his ears were super upright until about 3 days ago when they started to get slightly farther apart on his head and flop...
  5. H

    Caring for my new baby lionhead/lop mix

    Hi guys, I'm a first time rabbit owner and I picked up my lovely Hendrix from a pet store yesterday. I was told he was a lionhead/lop mix and that he is around 7 weeks old (I found out only today while doing more research that this is a bit too young for the pet store to be selling him, which...
  6. D

    Bonded-Pair of House-Rabbits Seek Caring Home (Raleigh/Durham, N.C. area)

    Thelma & Louise are a sweet bonded-pair of 2-year-old female (Lionhead x Holland Lop) house rabbits. They are life-long besties who have lived with a loving couple since 8-weeks old, but now the couple's new human baby demands all their attention, so Thelma and Louise are seeking a new indoor...
  7. Alfihaer

    Any suggestions on LionHead lop mini care

    I currently have a young lion head mini lop, i took him October 15, 2018 at 8 weeks old and im still learning ropes of this breeds care as previous a week before hand my original old guy passed away and was a hotot drawf, named cloud whom we adopted off the streets at least 2 years old and...