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  1. Bcwildex

    Help gendering baby rabbits?

    Hi! First time posting here and in need of help. My kits are 7 weeks old at the minute but I am struggling to determine their sex. They’re mini lop x lionhead mix so they’re v small. Here is a link to images of their parts: I’ve also attached the pics to this post —each pic has their names so...
  2. P

    I’ve tried everything but our rabbit still doesn’t like me

    Hello everyone, so I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this as it’s my first post, I apologize now if it’s in wrong place. Ive had rabbits in my past and I have never had an trust issues, they all trust me immediately and I was even able to train one of them to give kisses on demand. its been...
  3. lacie davis

    holland lops or lionheads?

    i’ve had holland lops before, but I ended up getting out of them, and getting lionheads. I now have 2 lionheads, and 1 holland lol that a recently got. I’ve found this new holland lop to be more friendly than both of lionheads. i’m thinking about getting back into just having holland lops now...
  4. S

    Bonded bunnies fighting

    Hi, I’ve had both my bunnies for about 4-5 years now and they have been bonded the whole time and I’ve never had problems with them, mounting wasn’t even a problem. But this morning I woke up to my younger bunny, Benjamin chasing my other bunny around the cage. This went on for a while, at first...