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  1. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    Hello everyone, My rabbit Luna recently suffered a flystrike in our garden. I found him paralysed and his behind area was infected due to the maggots so we had to treat it. Now regarding the paralysis, he used to have Floppy Rabbit Syndrome, where he would go into shock (due to eating an entire...
  2. L

    My rabbit has sore hocks and her front legs arent straight

    My bunny has sore hocks and i put neosporin on all her legs and bandaged the back ones beacuse her front legs it always comes out but her front legs are to the side and theyre usually straight and she doesnt step correctly. She eats normally and drinks alot of water but she just doesnt step her...
  3. Reemy

    Whats wrong with his legs?

    I have been noticing a problem with my bunny since almost a month ago. At first he started to get bald in some spots and was itching himself alot and the bald spots were dry and had what looked almost like dandruff. I booked him an appoimntemt in the vet and was supposed to take him after I...
  4. fiddlesticks

    Rabbit legs shaking when walking

    I’m really concerned about my dwarf lop, over the past couple of days I’ve noticed that his back legs have been shaking when he walks, this is unusual for him and it’s a considerable amount of shaking and trembling. After letting him outside in his run today, something he usually hops and jumps...