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  1. Emma Walker

    Labour signs

    hi again everyone, So princess faf still hasn’t had her litter. Because I didn’t see the mating I have no set idea on when she is due. I thought last night was the night, she was running around frantic to and from the nest box, panting heavily when laying down, and kept softly grunting whilst...
  2. V

    Dead kits

    So I've had 2 lionhead dwarfs for quite some time and i bred them twice, first time there were 5 kits, second time 8. I gifted the first 5 and the 8 are healthy and growing. But i recently bought a pair of lop dwarfs, and the day i bought them the guy who sold them to me bred her with his male...
  3. Jasminebunny

    My rabbit , is pregnant and it's day 34 and she hasn't had babies yet

    She's a 2 year old harlequin rabbit , fed on 1/4 cup of pellets a day to 1 cup of fresh leafy greens and occasional fruit as a treat , and unlimited hay everyday . About 34 days ago i let her out with my male rabbit cookie ( i don't really care if they breed or not ) . A week later , when i...
  4. P

    Rabbit gave birth last night but is acting odd?

    Edit QuoteReply Alert Hello everyone. My bunny gave birth last night to a still born. There was no complications she nested and this time I knew she was expecting so I had prepared her cage and made it extra fluffy. She had plenty of hay and did not rip much hair out this time around (the first...
  5. B

    Rabbit may be in labor

    My rabbit, a female mini lop, is 27 days pregnant. I checked on her today and found that she was nesting, but there was blood in the cage. Does this mean that she is in labor? She’s not due for about 5 days and I want to make sure that she’s ok. Any help and answers are much appreciated, thank...
  6. Laur

    Nest box timing?

    I know they say to put the nest box into the cage a day or two before due date. My daughter is eager to do it soon, although we are only halfway through. Are there reasons other than cleanliness to wait? Will she be less likely to recognize it as a place to build nest if it goes in sooner? Last...
  7. V

    I found a dead newborn??help?

    I discovered a dead newborn outside of my flemish giant's nesting house, there are no more babies in her nest. It was newly deseased, can she still have more? She isnt any smaller. Could it be the only one? I'm puzzled.
  8. Laur

    Rabbit labor and birth concerns.

    I have a lovely Holland Lop doe (profile picture) who is about 16 months old, and a buck who is about 6 months. He was selected specifically for her, as his best traits are her lower ones and vice versa. Both are from great show lines and pedigreed. We first let them have " play dates"October...
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