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  1. Lukehatton16

    Californian Doe going on 32 days pregnant

    Hello, I bred my californian doe last month on the 28th. It’s is currently September 30th and still no buns. Before anyone asks, yes, she is pregnant. She has a nest built and pulled fur for it around day 25ish. The reason this concerns me is that I’ve had a palomino doe that retained her...
  2. StaceyCreese

    Holland Lop Pregnancy

    My Holland Lop turned one in March 2020. I bred her for the first time on March 25, 2020. She wasn’t very receptive to the idea and was getting agitated so we pulled her from the Buck. I had taken her to a breeder and we tried over a hour. On April 1, 2020 took her back to the breeder to...
  3. Emma Walker

    Labour signs

    hi again everyone, So princess faf still hasn’t had her litter. Because I didn’t see the mating I have no set idea on when she is due. I thought last night was the night, she was running around frantic to and from the nest box, panting heavily when laying down, and kept softly grunting whilst...
  4. Emma Walker

    First time mum

    hi everyone, My french angora doe is quite heavily pregnant - when she lays on her side you can see the babies kicking. I’ve got a couple of questions however and was hoping someone here could help me! How soon would you expect a rabbit to kindle if you can already see the babies kicking in...
  5. Laur

    Our first kindling

    In November I posted about my Holland Lop Reva, who was having difficult labor and finally gave birth to one kit, DOA. Later I posted when we rebred and our nest box dilemma. Well we finally have our kits - two little Hollands. Here they are, a few minutes old. I was not expecting them until...