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    Success rate of treating bad jaw bone infection caused by misaligned teeth

    Hi, Our bunny "Sesame" is a 9 month old Netherlands Dwarf male and he had a dental surgery last month to have all of his bottom left cheek teeth removed due to infections caused by misaligned cheek teeth. He had been recovering very well. Post-op medicine included 0.8ml of Penicillin shot per...
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    Abscess under jaw

    Hi All We recently found abscess under my rabbit's jaw. We are having lockdown and are arranging to have Vet house visit next week. While we are waiting for the Vet to come, is there any alternative treatment that I can give him? here's his photo when the groomer checked his abscess today.
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    Lump under rabbit’s chin

    So, my rabbit Beau has had ongoing issues with his health. It started with a runny nose and he’s a little underweight (previous owners didn’t take care of him properly) He was on Baytril for a week, with no improvement. I also noticed he was starting to drool a little bit when eating, so my vet...