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  1. pingoose

    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    Hi all, I recently took in a rabbit who was dumped at my local park (keeping her separate from my other rabbit for now, intending on bonding them eventually), and I’m sort of bewildered on what her breed and age are. Pictures are attached. Her coat is completely white and she has blue eyes...
  2. rocket'smommy

    Help me identify my baby boy.

    Hey guys I recently became the mommy to a beautiful baby boy. He is a holland lop he is 8 weeks old. The breeder said he was a holland lop. Today when I went back to get some supplies from her I saw her daddy he was quite big which made me worry that my baby was a mini lop. I asked the breeder...
  3. Alfihaer

    Any suggestions on LionHead lop mini care

    I currently have a young lion head mini lop, i took him October 15, 2018 at 8 weeks old and im still learning ropes of this breeds care as previous a week before hand my original old guy passed away and was a hotot drawf, named cloud whom we adopted off the streets at least 2 years old and...
  4. J

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hi all New rabbit owner here, recently got my first boy and tried to use the identification post to see what breed my rabbit is but a lot of the images don't work and I didn't have any luck :)! He is around 9 inches long, 5 months old and weighs 3.3lbs/1.5kg. Here are some pictures, thanks all. J