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  1. M

    First Bunny in Five Years

    Hi all! I'm new here and wanted to gather as much advice and tops as I can. I grew up with rabbits but this will be my first time owning one of my own and doing it the 'proper' way. I have a lot set up already and still a lot more to go. Housing wise, I have a Living World Deluxe Habitat in...
  2. A

    I have 2 MALE rabbits- help!

    I have two male rabbits, both are about 1 year old currently. They came from the same place, a local breeder but are not from the same litter. Back in December of 2017 they got in a heated hormonal fight and one ripped the other’s ear off. Since then, the one with the ripped ear has been treated...
  3. WaywardRabbit

    Fight or Play?

    I currently have 6 rabbits, all housed together. I work at an animal shelter and these are all rescues. Their pen is quite large. It's actually a stall divided to be shared with my mini horse. I have 4 females, not spayed, ages unknown. They all get along quite well. One is occasionally...