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  1. Kit123

    Any temporary measures to keep unspayed rabbits from breeding?

    Hello there! About two months back we adopted Sunni ! A little Netherland dwarf doe, and a few weeks in we decided to get her a friend! We we very clear to the breeder that it had to be another female, as sunni was too little to be spayed just yet although we do have planned for the future...
  2. X

    How do I stop my spayed bunny peeing on my pillows?

    My 4 month old bunny keeps peeing on my pillows, I'm really confused as she's spayed which I thought would stop marking, She's totally free roam, I don't have a cage for her, and I can't afford one She normally sleeps on my bed at night on one pillow while I sleep on the other, she'll be fine...
  3. Mrs641

    Introducing a new rabbit

    I’ve had my rabbit Penny since Nov, and just today brought home my new bunny named Benjamin. I waited a while to put them together, everything was going good until he started to mount her. He was neutered 5 weeks ago (Penny has also been spayed), could this still be hormonal, or is this a...
  4. DmitriBunny

    Bunnies fighting?

    I've got two bunnies, a boy and a girl. Both have been spayed/neutered and happily living together, but just today they were circling aggressively and pulling out fur! This happened before when my female was unspayed and hormonal, but that was in April so this incident seems out of the blue...
  5. Theodore Leonardo

    Is This Normal?

    Over the past week my 3 year old, neutered buck has suddenly started trying to hump me - just like he did before he was castrated. He tries to mount my arm (or leg), and when I stop him he throws a strop and starts stomping around. It's completely out of character for him, and even more so...