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  1. Gigi34

    New first time bun Mom

    Firstly, Hello amazing bun parents or aunts, uncles, siblings, hell even friends 😊. I’d love to introduce myself aswell as my new baby rabbit Penny. I’m Gia and I have recently brought home a baby rabbit. (Today is day 4) Before conducting my own research I opted for trusting my local pet shop...
  2. Hartlea

    Bunny proofing without it looking tacky?

    Hi! So I recently moved into a brand new townhouse, and I am looking into rabbit proofing it more so my bun can have more free range without my constant supervision. A big thing for me would be protecting my baseboards and possibly the legs of some wooden furniture. I know a lot of the common...
  3. Jia-Ling Loo

    Different pens for different parts of the day?

    Hello, I’m thinking of getting a couple bunnies and have a few questions. Is it okay to move the bunnies to two different locations over the span of a day, everyday? Reason I’m asking is I plan to keep my bunnies on the balcony long term but there is construction going on next door which is...