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  1. i🤍hollands

    Kit Color - Cream vs Blue Tort?

    Hi! I had a Holland Lop litter born on September 8 - four healthy beautiful kits. One baby has me stumped on his color. Mama is a lilac tort VM out of a blue sable magpie VM and a lilac harlequin. Her known genotype is aabbC_ddee(j). Papa is a black/orange harlequin VM out of a blue/fawn...
  2. B

    What Color Will My Bunny Be?

    Im getting this buck on 7/7 and I'm not too sure if he'll be smut orange or a black fox buck? anybody have any answers or could help me out? He's a pure bred Holland lop and the two broken bunnies are his parents!
  3. krussell

    Get to Know Me!

    Hi! My name is Kiley, and I have a year old Holland Lop doe named Moose, and a 4.5 month old Holland Lop named Bear! I’m so excited to be on here and get any needed advice/ help on anything bun related. Here are my babies!
  4. C

    Ongoing bunny poop issue

    Hi, We have 3 Holland Lops that never go outside. One of our little girls (1.5 years old) has always had soft, smooshy, sticky poop issues all the time. She’s seems fine and she been like this since we got her. But nobody wants to cuddle her because her butt is always a mess. Her bunny...
  5. MistyBun25

    What's my rabbits color?

    So I just adopted this adorable Holland lop boy. I was told he is a broken blue but I'm not sure if that's what he is. I was thinking magpie? He has some very light creme on his ears and a little on his nose but the rest is a dark and light blue/grey color. What do y'all think. He is very...
  6. Z

    What color of buck should I get to be partned with my orange dam to produce harlequin colored kits?

    Harlequins were rare here in Philippines I would love to have them. Help pls
  7. lacie davis

    holland lops or lionheads?

    i’ve had holland lops before, but I ended up getting out of them, and getting lionheads. I now have 2 lionheads, and 1 holland lol that a recently got. I’ve found this new holland lop to be more friendly than both of lionheads. i’m thinking about getting back into just having holland lops now...
  8. BunnyCrazy

    Lops and a Tot❤

    I have never done anything like this before so I'm pretty clueless. I think I'm mostly writing this to calm myself down because something super awesome should happen soon!!!! Ok, I'll start from the beginning. I am Clara and I have five rabbits (for now:) Three Holland Lops, Sandy, Patty and...
  9. Crysti

    Picking Holland Lops for Breeding

    So I'm starting out breeding Holland Lops. I've done masses of research, grew up around lops and have a pet lop of my own, my mother bred briefly, etc... Long story short, I'm ready to begin but there's one thing I haven't found much info on and I'm looking for advice. With all I've read and...
  10. Kate7654

    Is this rabbit diarrhea?

    So I just got two new rabbits. They are both 3 years old. One has had bad poops. She had some yesterday and some today around the same time. I’m wondering what I should do about it? She’s also been normal pooping and is acting normal. Still eating drinking and running around. She didn’t get much...
  11. Kate7654

    Help! Can I breed an orange holland lop to a broken black tort holland lop?

    I’m wondering if I can breed an orange Holland lop with a broken black tort holland lop. The orange is the buck and he carries dilute and chocolate. Both of his parents were orange/chocolate harlequins. I haven’t gotten the doe’s pedigree yet. If I did breed these two what might I get? Thanks!
  12. Laur

    Our first kindling

    In November I posted about my Holland Lop Reva, who was having difficult labor and finally gave birth to one kit, DOA. Later I posted when we rebred and our nest box dilemma. Well we finally have our kits - two little Hollands. Here they are, a few minutes old. I was not expecting them until...